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Lee Ufan: Relatum Stage 4


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We are delighted to announce four new Limited Editions produced by Lee Ufan on the occasion of the artist’s public sculpture in Kensington Gardens, Relatum – Stage (2018).    

Lee Ufan (b. 1936 in Kyongnam, South Korea) came to prominence in the late 1960s as one of the major theoretical and practical proponents of the avant-garde Mono-ha group. The first contemporary art movement in Japan to gain international recognition, Mono-ha (Object School) rejected Western notions of representation, focusing on the relationships between materials and perceptions rather than on expression or intervention. Ufan’s minimalist works using only two materials – steel and stone – are characteristic of this school of thought.

He is best known for his Relatum series, which he has been making since the 1960s and has presented in various public spaces, including the Château de Versailles and the Lee Ufan Museum in Naoshima, Japan. Each installation comprises one or more light-coloured, round stones and dark, rectangular, iron plates. Relatum, the title given to Ufan’s public sculptures, is a philosophical term denoting things or events between which a relation exists. This network of relationships is depicted in each unique drawing the artist has composed for the Serpentine Galleries.

Lee Ufan
Relatum Stage 4, 2018
Unique drawing, Edition of 1, Framed 
Graphite on paper
Signed and numbered
38 x 47.5 cm